IAPP Convention Panoramic Exhibition and Contest

IAPP offers members some unique opportunities to learn about, participate in and enjoy the experience of taking and creating Panoramic Images.  This years convention will be no exception to these opportunities. There will be a workshop, photo safaris to the Smoky Mountains National Park and exhibitions of Panoramic Images. Read more


One Response to “IAPP Convention Panoramic Exhibition and Contest”

  1. Lee paul 06/20/2012 5:00 AM #

    Hi just wanted to say you have some really great panoramic image on your site. I am always fascinated by panoramic photographs and would love to improve my effeorts. I have tackled most types of photography however my panoramic never look as good as the examples on here.

    Please if you have any top tips please share as I would love to expand my own portfolio.

    Thanks lee

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