Member’s Only: PANORAMA PDF posted

The pdf of the latest PANORAMA has been posted and is available to members via the Member’s only section. We have pdfs of PANORAMA’s dating back to 1997!

If you haven’t received your PANORAMA, and you ARE a member please drop me a line (webmaster). We have had a few “not at this address – return to sender”. A good reason to keep your contact information updated… please go into your member profile and UPDATE your addresses.

I will be trying to “remail” those PANORAMA’s next month, but I need corrected addresses!


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  1. Myron Wright 02/01/2012 7:58 PM #

    I have been overwhelmed with switching computer platforms, learning the IMac system along with reading about scanning and printing using a new photo printer. During that period my membership lapsed. To the best of my knowledge that is fixed now, with Paypal and a new password.

    However my request is to be able to download the IAPP newsletters. Living in Alaska and being so far from the other members, about the only value of IAPP to me is receiving the newsletter. Not having printed versions mailed to my mailbox takes a lot of adjusting to, especially when I cannot get the computer to download my copy(s) of the various issues from the last year. I have every printed copy of the newsletter from the inception of IAPP. The digital versions are a different story altogether. Why can’t we make this whole process much easier???

    To all the people who are working hard to keep the group together, thank you very much.
    Myron Wright

    P.S. Brian Snow’s phone number would be appreciated. I enjoyed his recent writing on Will Landon. I did not get to print out that issue or order the hard copy before my membership lapsed. Thanks!!

    • iappwebmaster 07/23/2012 10:50 AM #

      It isn’t that the process for downloading is much more difficult, but that Adobe PDF software has become integrated with the browser so that the download button is hidden. You can find it by opening the newsletter link which will open the document inside a browser. (I don’t know aALL the details for every browser out there – only the tree top view.) You can either do a SAVE AS from the “File” menu item at the top of your window or hover over the page itself with your mouse, look at the bottom right corner, there will be some icons for navigation or actions show up. One of those icons is a “disc” icon. Press that. It will “download” or SAVE. that should do it for you.

    • iappwebmaster 07/23/2012 10:51 AM #

      Oh, all the contact information is on the Members’ only section – just log in and look him up. I cannot put his direct number here.

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