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2013 Photo Contest Rules Regs announced


IAPP Panoramic Convention Print Contest

Framed or mounted images will not be shown. The following specs are recommended (and may not be exceeded, due to space limitations):

  1. For regular panos from film panoramic cameras and stitched panos from digital cameras, the maximum size is 44 on the long side 14 on the short side, a 4:1 ratio. Prints must have a 2 white border all around, so the actual maximum image area will be 40 x 10 on 44 x 14 paper. Other ratios may be used, but must be a minimum of a 2:1 ratio or greater, with the aforementioned maximums of 44 on the long side and 14 on the short side, including the margins.
  2. For multi-row stitched panos whose aspect ratio is greater than 1:4 (including Gigapans), Little Planet and VR style images, the maximum size is 44 x 44 including the obligatory 2 white margin all around, making the final image area 40 x 40, maximum.

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