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Candid Pictures from the IAPP Valley Photo Show Reception on Dec 3rd

Photos by David Kutz

The Valley Photo Center located on the Upper Level of Tower Square, 1500 Main St. on the upper level, in Springfield, MA is hosting a photo exhibition by the members of the International Association of Panoramic Photographers opening on Friday, November 25 and running  thru December 23, 2016.

There will be an Opening Reception on Saturday, December 3rd from 1-3 pm at the Center.  All are invited.

Pictures from the show can be seen here:

2016 IAPP Panoramic Gallery Show Submission Details

As mentioned in the previous Summer Update, the IAPP has a Panoramic Photo show booked for November 25 through December 23 at the Valley Photo Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.   We would like to showcase some of the great work that our members produce and what better way to do it then this new venue.  DJohn McCarthy, the Center Director says that just before Christmas, this is the business time of the year and would like to get a lot of entries.  Also we have hopes that this show will be the start of the traveling show that we can take on the road to other photo gallery venues around the country.  Here are the submission details.

Select up to three of your best and favorite panoramic images for the show.  We want to showcase your best work and intend to accept all prints (within reason) for this show.   Make prints on glossy, semi-glossy or luster paper.  Maximum paper length is 40 inches which includes a 2 inch white border all around.  Little Planets accepted with a maximum length per side of 24 inches which includes the 2 inch border. 

Roll up prints and mail in a tube to:

IAPP Show – David Orbock

Full Circle Gallery

33 East 21st Street

Baltimore, MD 21218

Full Circle Gallery will be mounting the prints on foam core board and attaching hangers.  All the finished prints will then be delivered to Springfield.  Closing date for receiving prints at Full Circle is November 10.

Also ASAP, make a low resolution file of each print you plan to submit, 900 pixels wide the we can use on the IAPP and Valley Photo Center web sites and other material to promote the event.  Include the following information for the wall placard:  Print Title, Print Location, Camera/Method (example, Nikon Digital/Stitched, Cirkut/Film), etc.), Your Name, City, State, Country, Price (put NFS (not for sale) or a price, should not be more the $100 (gallery takes 30% cut))

Send the file and print info to Tom at

We tentatively have a reception planned for Saturday afternoon, December 3rd from 1pm to 3pm.  It would be great to have you there for the reception if you can make it.

Thanks and don’t wait to the last minute to get your panos in.

Tom Sheckels, IAPP President

IAPP 2016 Summer Update

IAPP 2016 Summer Update

Hope the summer is going well for all of you.  We have some exciting news about what is planned for the near future. 

We are booked for a Panorama Photo Show at the Valley Photo Center in Springfield, MA.  The show will open on Black Friday, November 25th and run through December 23rd.  D John McCarthy, Director of the Gallery reports that this is the busiest time of the year and wants lots of entries.  We will be working out the submission details and will let you know about that soon.  In the meantime, think about your best panoramic images and choose several that you would like to hang in the show.  I don’t believe there will any specific theme to the show except that they are Panoramic Images from the IAPP Membership.  

 Save The Date  The next IAPP Conference is planned for the Chicago Area.  Many amazing cityscape panoramics can be created there, from a high angle view off the top of the Willis Tower to a low angle architectural view from a river boat.  The date is October 15 – 17, 2017. 

 Glen Cope has stepped down from his positon on the Board of Directors.  In accordance with the IAPP Bylaws, D John McCarthy was nominated and elected by the Board to fill Glenn’s Board position.  Thank you Glenn for your many years of valuable service to the IAPP.

 We are looking to have the next Panoramic Journal go out to the membership in October.   It will be themed around the Charleston Conference this past April.   Included will be presentation write-ups, conference pictures and photos, and panoramas that we took during the Photo Field Trips.   If you would like to get a Sponsorship ad in this Journal, there is still time, contact Dave Kutz.

 We had to cancel our Mini-Conference planned for Peyresq, France the end of July because we lacked the minimum numbers of attendees needed to make it happen.  We’re considering rescheduling the Mini-Conference at this beautiful location within the next several years. 

Dave Orbock made the Cirkut camera donation to the Nicephore Niepce Museum in Chalon-sur-Saone, France and reports the following: “The presentation of the camera to the Museum on 19 July went smoothly. It was a big affair for the Museum with the Mayor of Chalon, multiple press representatives, Museum personnel and a whole host of interested individuals. After the Mayor’s introduction I set up the Cirkut camera on its wooden tripod and explained its features. Following this, the Mayor presented me with gifts which included books (3), a copy of a very old image (printed by the museum’s art group from their archives), and, of course, a bottle of vintage wine in a very handsome wooden box. While the rest of the group was having refreshments, I was being interviewed by the newspaper for an article which ran the next day.”   Thank-you Dave for your generous donation of the camera to the museum and glad it all went well.   We will be posting photos of the event soon.

 Thanks and we’ll let you know soon how to make your panoramic submissions for the Springfield Photo Show.

 Tom Sheckels, IAPP President

July IAPP Events in France

July 17 – July  21, Cirkut Camera Museum Donation in Chalon-sur-Saone, France

In July, David Orbock and Denis Tremblay will be on hand along with several IAPP members to donate one of David’s 10” Cirkut cameras to the Nicephore Niepce Museum in Chalon-sur-Saone, France. The idea to present the museum with a Cirkut camera came about in 2008 during IAPP’s tour of the museum. The museum has many panoramic cameras, but not a single Cirkut; in fact, the staff had little (very little) knowledge of the Cirkut camera and not even a contact print. The presentation will take place in the museum between July 17 and July 21. IAPP Members and non-Member alike are welcome to participate in the presentation.  A future exhibition of IAPP members’ panoramic photographs will also be discussed with the museum staff.  

Please contact David Orbock directly if interested in attending this event:

July 23 – July 27, IAPP Mini-Conference in Peyresq, France

The Mini-Conference in Peyresq has been cancelled.   It may be rescheduled in several years.   (Posted 6/29/16)

After the Chalon-sur-Saone festivities, IAPP will host a Mini-Conference in Peyresq, France.  IAPP has hosted 2 conferences (1999 & 2008) in this village and both were extremely successful.  The conference is scheduled for July 23 to July 27.  The cost of housing includes 3 meals per day with wine and use of the conference center.  The mini-conference is open to IAPP members as well as non-members.  The Registration Fee for all Conference attendees is $35, except for guests accompanying a paid attendee.  No Refunds.

Register for the Conference here.

If you haven’t attended any of the previous conferences in Peyresq, the following essay will give you a glimpse of its beauty.


           There is nothing but unspoiled beauty as you twist your way from St. Andres-les-Alpes through the remote areas of the Haute-Alpes-de-Provence.  The narrow winding road that passes through an untouched,  majestic setting offers a stunning panorama. Then suddenly, clinging precariously to the distant mountainside, surrounded by pine forests, rocky cliffs and snow-capped crests, the tiny village of Peyresq appears.

          Founded in 1232 this rocky hamlet served as a frontier post between France and Savoy for nearly five centuries. In 1860, the Treaty of Turin incorporated permanently the county of Nice into France and Peyresq ceased to be the watchtower of Provence. The population of 231 soon declined and most buildings fell into major disrepair.

          In 1952, Georges Lambeau, director of the Academie des Beaux-Arts at Namur, discovered the derelict village, inhabited by just four people. He fell in love with it and had a vision – to restore it to its original beauty and use it for a humanist center. In 1953, the mountain road was repaved and the refurbishing of the decrepit dwellings began. For thirty years, bands of Belgian art students worked to lift the village out of its ruins. To underline the humanist character of the project, each house was named after an artist or scholar: Mistral, Newton, Alain, Darwin, and Leonardo da Vinci. Today art, science and cultural seminars, retreats and small conferences are held there year round.

          The village center is dominated by a 13th century church.  A tolling bell at six o’clock is answered by distant tinkles from somewhere beyond. Suddenly, the hillside is alive with a thousand sheep completing their evening descent to a nearby refuge for the night.

          The Leonardo da Vinci Center is well-equipped with modern technology and is perfect for conferences. The guest rooms are no-frills, yet lack nothing. The meals are communal with local cuisine prepared by excellent chefs. Hiking trails abound, side trips to Entrevaux, Colmars and various river gorges are within easy driving distance.

          In the 1990’s IAPP member, Denis Tremblay, met Mady Smets in Montreal.  Mady was a co-founder of Peyresq Foyer d’Humanisme.  She told him about the Peyresq facility and Denis thought it was ideal for an IAPP  conference. The IAPP held their first conference there in 1999 and then returned in 2008.  Each one was well attended. Four productive days were spent, not just photographing, but listening, talking, laughing, learning and sharing. New friendships were made and old friendships strengthened. Best of all, Peyresq is a land out of time – free from traffic and worries of the world amid the unbroken scenery that surrounds you. And sleep is never a problem in the rarefied air of this magical “stony place”.



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Panoramic images submitted by the membership.

2016-2017 IAPP Officers and Board Members Announced

The results for the 2016-2017 Officer and Board of Director Positions are as follows:

President:  Tom Sheckels, Moorestown, New Jersey

Treasurer: Fran Gardino, Brighton, Massachusetts

Secretary: Kay Larkin, Terrebonne, Oregon

Past President: David Kutz, Lancaster, PA

Board of Directors: 

Glen Cope, Tonkawa, Oklahoma

Steve Delroy, Forest Hills, New York

Ray Pffeifer, Raleigh, North Carolina

Paul Speaker, Upland, California

Congratulations to all of the above.

2016 is Looking to be a Great Year for IAPP

First I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the members who contributed to the re-launch of The Panorama Journal.  It has been almost 3 years since our last issue.  The gallery issue is a start in getting us back on track with a printed publication.  I hope that our members will enjoy it and that it will spark more creativity in us all.

Looking forward we as an association have a very busy schedule this year with many different opportunities for members and non-members interested in panoramic photography to become involved.  April (10-13) we will gather together in Charleston, SC for our spring conference.  It will be a chance to discover a new city that IAPP has not visited before.  There are plenty of old southern city views, history and architectural details as well as beautiful nature nearby just waiting to explored.

In July, David Orbock and Denis Tremblay will be on hand along with several IAPP members for the donating of one of David’s Cirkut cameras to the Nicephore Niepce Museum in Chalon-sur-Saone, France.  As a part of that ceremony an exhibition of IAPP members work is being planned.  Tentative dates are between July 17 and July 21.  More details on print standards to follow on the website.

After the Chalon-sur-Saone festivities, plans are coming together for a mini-conference in Peyresq, France.  IAPP has hosted 2 conferences in this village and both were extremely successful.  The conference is tentatively scheduled from July 23 to July 27.  The cost of housing and 3 meals per day with wine would be approx. 120 Euros per person.  The mini-conference will be open to IAPP members as well as non-members who are interested.

The IAPP would also like to start collecting images for the purposes of assembling travelling exhibitions that members can request for the purpose of promoting panoramic photography in their cities.  Look for print guidelines to be posted on the website.

For those who enjoy writing we are always looking for people to provide articles of interest for our publications and the website, and

The dot com address recently became available, so we quickly grabbed it.  Both addresses now point to our web site.

As you can see there are many activities for you, the members of IAPP can contribute to this year.  We hope you will find something that sparks your interest.

Dave Kutz,  President IAPP