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We want your content! We want your images.

If you would like to become a contributor: please email the webmaster with “Contributor” in the subject line. You will be able to post directly to the website and upload images in support of your articles. As contributor, your articles will be proofed for grammar and accuracy, then approved for publication. Political and opinions will not be published. Offer open to member’s only. Read the byLaws¬†for rules and regulations concerning solicitation to members.

Image Specs for here:

Width: 920 px. Jpgs.

If you wish to add an image to our site, please leave a comment to that effect, so I can grant you access.

Image specs for MMSite:

Personal Gallery: 5 megs ea image, limit of 5 images uploaded at one time.

A more detailed description will be included in the September e-Monitor.

(Personally, I would watermark them rather drastically, there is no right mouse click protection.)

3 Responses to “Posting on this website”

  1. Cassie 02/02/2012 1:13 AM #

    Hi,I am interested in this web, and would like to post some images or something on it. Thanks in advance for giving me the right here.

    • iappwebmaster 02/02/2012 5:56 PM #

      Dear Cassie,

      We reserve the right to publish on this website strictly to our REGULAR members and our paid sponsors. I invite you to join. You are also welcome to comment on any article or photo.
      Dawn Snow, Webmaster

    • iappwebmaster 07/23/2012 10:44 AM #

      in order to post any “content” on the the website, you will need to become a full member. Please check the “join US” link.

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