Don’t lose out on your IAPP merits.

Don’t lose out on your IAPP merits.

If you attended the Everett conference, presented a topic, or submitted prints to the exhibition,  you are eligible to receive IAPP merits toward your Service Awards and Master/Craftsman Photographer Degree. Fill out this form online or download the Master/Craftsman and Service Report form.


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New Board of Directors – 2013

Date: April 17, 2013
Location: IAPP Panoramic Conference – Everett, WA
IAPP Business Meeting – Election of officers

President – Paul Speaker

President-Elect – OPEN

Secretary –  Dave Kutz

Treasurer – Tom Sheckels

Past President – Glenn Cope

BOD Members at large

Jeff Weber

Fran Gardino

Syd Moen

Gavin Farrell


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Call for Entries – 2013

EPSON International Pano Awards

$40,000 prize pool!!!

Enter online at

Need more info?

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Members’ only: July e-Monitor is posted

Hello all! The July issue of the e-Monitor has been uploaded and is ready for your perusal! Remember, you will need to log in… head on over to the member zone on the Resources page…

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Coming off a great conference …

The staff of the e-Monitor are still on the road making great photography! Look for the next edition in your inbox on May 10. Meantime, watch the posts on the FaceBook page and work on your next article submission. Deadline: May 15.

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Less than 2 days to be an Early Bird!

There are less than two days left to take advantage of drastically reduced conference rates.. you snooze, you lose!

Register here.

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2013 Photo Contest Rules & Regs announced


IAPP Panoramic Convention Print Contest

Framed or mounted images will not be shown. The following specs are recommended (and may not be exceeded, due to space limitations):

  1. For regular panos from film panoramic cameras and stitched panos from digital cameras, the maximum size is 44″ on the long side & 14″ on the short side, a 4:1 ratio. Prints must have a 2″ white border all around, so the actual maximum image area will be 40″ x 10″ on 44″ x 14″ paper. Other ratios may be used, but must be a minimum of a 2:1 ratio or greater, with the aforementioned maximums of 44″ on the long side and 14″ on the short side, including the margins.
  2. For multi-row stitched panos whose aspect ratio is greater than 1:4 (including Gigapans), Little Planet and VR style images, the maximum size is 44″ x 44″ including the obligatory 2″ white margin all around, making the final image area 40″ x 40″, maximum.

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Save the date: April 14-18

Snoqualamie Falls

Snoqualamie Falls


The 2013 Conference of the International Association of Panoramic Photographers has been set!

Contact Paul Speaker, M.Photog.Cr, CPP, IAPP Conference Chair.

PressRelease-01 11-23-2012

Click Events in the upper navigation bar to read more and register!

Register before Feb 15 to enjoy a large discount. Prices increase after Feb 15 and again after March 15.


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Mixing Photography, Wine and Friendship: September issue of e-Monitor published!

Chalon River View Quaides Menageries

Burgundy is one of 27 regions of France. Chalon-sur-Saone, the city of the IAPP June meeting and exhibit, lies in the southern part of the region. Besides being the center of a large wine-growing area, it is birthplace of Joseph Nicephore Niepce, considered by many to be the father of photography. In Chalon, the museum, Hotel des Messageries, houses old and modern artifacts of photography, along with 2 million photographs…

to read more: please log on!

If you cannot log on, this is a member perk! Consider joining!

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New Board of Directors

As many of you realize, August 10 was the deadline to receive votes against the volunteers.

Questions were raised as to the “legality” of this voting system, whether or not we could count votes against, instead of for. This was researched in the Policy Manual by the previous secretary and he found there was no statement that claimed we could not run the vote this way.

We received no votes against. So, the slate of new officers is as follows:

President – Glenn Cope

President-Elect – Paul Speaker

Secretary  – OPEN

Treasurer – Tom Sheckels

Past President – David Orbock

BOD Members (need 3)

Dave Kutz

Stephen Acai


As you can see, we need a few more members to step up.

Many things are being planned: two of which are the upcoming semi-annual Conference and the future of the Panoramic Association’s own photo contest.

If you have opinions and a little time to donate, your organization needs you. Contact your president: Glenn Cope!

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