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  1. David Osborn 09/19/2013 4:37 PM #

    For Sale: SEITZ 6X17, 160 Megapixel Digital Panoramic Camera Kit.

    Seitz 6×17, 160 megapixel Digital Panoramic Camera kit with D3 – 7,500 scan back (7.500 x 21.250 pixel images).
    Cost £20,000 (+/- US $30,000) which represents 50% of new value.
    Mint condition except minimal W&T on body frame. 90mm & 250mm Lens, Center Filter, 2 Spare Batteries & Chargers all in Waterproof Explorer Case. Lenses and Scan Back in absolute mint condition, no dust or anything. The D3 Scan back can be used on the Seitz Roundshot for 360 degree images.
    Reason for sale is while the images are beautiful, there are 3 main reasons.

    1. I want to take pictures ‘away from the car’, ie, you can-not take camping equipment with the Seitz equipment as it is just too heavy and bulky.

    2. At 52 my knees seem to be getting ‘dodgy’ ie I can start feeling them getting painful if I carry heavy weights, especially up hill. (Weakest link in the chain as it were!).

    3. I am getting more into workshops where Nikons etc are more suitable or relevant.

    So when I look at the overall picture, I can find a smaller lighter camera, save my knees and not really loose any market in terms of print sales. Indeed the change would free me from the restriction of having just a 90mm and 250mm lens and allow me to shoot in more remote locations with a greater lens choice.
    If serious, suggest communicate directly with me via email at
    David Osborn,, London, UK.
    My web site contains images, contact information etc.
    Please contact me for more detailed information etc. Regards David.

  2. Bill Murchison 09/23/2013 10:36 AM #

    Need some repair work on a Widelux 1500. Anyone know where this can be done?

    Thanks for info.


    • Bill Murchison 09/24/2013 5:49 PM #

      Would like to sell a Hasselblad X-Pan. Really nice camera & has had very little use. Has 2 lens, the 45 and the 30.

      Contact me if interested.

  3. Terry Thompson 04/25/2015 4:00 PM #

    Greetings, after years of faithful service I am selling my VPan 617 View Camera System. This is the camera designed by the late Chet Hanchet.
    The package includes the VPan and a Ries wooden tripod and some extras. Four different large format lenses are also for sale individually. This is great equipment for a very reasonable price. If interested please contact me directly at
    All of the equipment that is for sale can be seen here:

    Best regards,
    Terry Thompson

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