Rochester Conference Update

We at IAPP have been counting down the days until we can all meet smiling faces again at our in-person conference.  Behind the scenes there have been many hours of planning, adjusting and re-planning as we navigate our way around the Co-Vid epidemic and all the changes to the way we live and interact with each other.  Social distance requirements, when and where masks are necessary and even who and how often to vaccinate.  It all can become very confusing.  However, our goal is to have a conference where our current members as well as new and prospective members will be able to meet, learn, exchange ideas.  Explore techniques and a bit of history in an environment where everyone can be comfortable.

The past few months we have been tracking updated advice on this disease.   The new variants that are emerging as well as the age groups being affected.  Also, people’s willingness to travel outside of their local environment and the rules that our venue partners must implement to keep their people safe.

After careful consideration The IAPP Board of Directors and Officers have voted to postpone the Rochester conference until spring of 2022.  We are working with our venues right now to set up a new schedule staying as close to the original format as possible.  And, we will be adding a few new locations along the way as well as a list of things to see and do in the upstate area for those who plan to come early or stay later than the conference dates.  New date information will be following this update in late September 2021.

In closing, I would like to thank The Board, our members and our venue partners for their patience, understanding and cooperation as we navigate our way to a safe and enjoyable spring event. 

David E. Kutz

President IAPP


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  • Steam Engine DB
  • bospubgarden_may2018
  • Boston, MA, Mt Auburn Cemetery
  • Halibut Point Quarry, Rockport, MA
  • IAPP on the rocks 1 at Rafes Chasm MA 180 degree diagonal fish eye_DSC6017
  • Rockport harbor 2 MA 180 degree diagonal fish eye DB
  • Rockport Harbor, MA
  • Buchan Gulf, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada Simplify
  • Rockport Harbor, MA2
  • Halibut Point SP quarry lake MA six vertical shot panorama DB
  • Rockport Lobster Bouys, MA

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Posted 5/4/19 — The Board of Directors to serve for the next 18 months are as follows:   (terms extended to 10/21/21 due to Covid restrictions)

President – David Kutz

Vice President/President Elect – Kay Larkin

Treasurer – D John McCarthy

Secretary – David Berg

Past President – Fran Gardino

Director – Chris Gjevre

Director – Tom Bleich

Director – Tom Sheckels

Director – Vacant

There is still one vacancy on the Board; if you are a Regular Member and would like to serve on the Board, please notify Dave Kutz.

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