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IAPP 2019 Spring Conference Announcement

(Released 6/26/18)   I am pleased to announce that our next IAPP Conference (April 28-May 2, 2019) will be held in historic Salem, Massachusetts, 24 miles north of Boston and be filled with a mix of Nature, Urban and Technology subject matter and inspiration.  This north shore location will allow us to visit Boston/Cambridge, as well as the Marblehead, Rockport and Gloucester towns in a 30-mile radius with access to Boston as well beautiful ocean/rock vistas and an abundance of historic and contemporary fishing town atmosphere. It is possible for some of our attendees to also travel in a 2-hour drive to the southern Maine coast. 

I will forward more details about the accommodations and events as they become available.    Conference registration will be available soon.


Fran Gardino,  IAPP President  

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This past October at the IAPP Conference in Chicago, we had the grand opportunity to spend an afternoon at the newly refurbished headquarters of Panoramic Images, (also known as The Big Picture Experts) in Skokie, IL.  We were treated to a great lunch, toured their facilities, saw their operation, met the staff, and as panoramic photographers, made important connections.   Panoramic Images also invited other local photographers to attend that afternoon and a great and rewarding time was had by all.

Group Photo of entire gathering   (all photos courtesy of  Robert Erving Potter III   ©REP3.com)

IAPP Members

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The Fran-orama

Congratulations! You are witnessing the first ever showing of a new immersive VR photo project in a 10-foot diameter video projected 360-Degree Cyclorama with Fran Gardino’s chosen collection of over 600 panorama photos from around the world.

The main purpose of this installation is to allow the visitor to experience VR with his or her friends in a comfortable social surrounding suitable for resting while having a cup of coffee, some lunch, or listening to your own music.

The total 360-degree slideshow lasts over 2 hours with 600+ different images.  Please feel free to visit more than once, at your convenience to see the many, many places in 360-degrees.

You can visit the Fran-orama at the Valley Photo Center, 2nd Floor, Tower Square, 1500 Main Street, Springfield, MA.

For more info regarding Fran’s photo work visit:


or email him at fgardino@rcn.com

or call him at 617-680-0890

Fran Gardino is the current President of the International Association of Panoramic Photograpy

Outside the Fran-orama with Denise, Jason and Fran Gardino


Inside the Fran-orama




Your 2017-2019 term of Officers and Board members are as follows:
President: Fran Gardino, Brighton, MA
President Elect: Dave Kutz, Lancaster, PA
Treasurer: D. John McCarthy, Wilbraham, MA
Secretary: Kay Larkin, Terrebonne, OR
Board Member: Paul Speaker, Upland, CA
Board Member: Steve Delroy, Forest Hills, NY
Board Member: Ray Pfeiffer, Raleigh, NC
Board Member: David Berg, Minneapolis, MN
Past President: Tom Sheckels, Moorestown, NJ

Our 2017 Fall Conference was held the week of October 15th in Skokie, IL and by all accounts was an amazing success. First of all, we had beautiful weather, clear, blue, and crisp sky with very little wind. We had an enjoyable Architectural Chicago River and Harbor Tour. We spent an informative and rewarding afternoon at the Panoramic Images headquarters and saw their newly finished grand showroom. We captured sunset over Chicago on the 92nd floor of the John Hancock Tower. This is just to mention a few of the highlights.
Pictures from the event will be posted on the IAPP web site and Facebook. In the meantime, you can view some of our photos as described below.

By Jook Leong  – Here is a selection of 360 panoramas from the conference (some 54 views). The KRPano viewer is on auto tour mode and each scene gets about 28 seconds before the next one loads. There are other options found on the task bar. Optimized for viewing on your mobile device. There is a VR glasses mode if you want to give that a try. http://360albums.com/iapp-chicago

By Tom Sheckels – Here is a collection of cell phone Boat Tour candid photos of our group. http://toms.pictures/IAPPBoatTour/

By Fran Gardino – 360s from the Conference Photo Field Trips