2022 Conference in Rochester, NY

September 14th to 17th, 2022

Get together with old friends and make some new ones as we explore the sights and sounds that Rochester, NY has to offer. Learn new methods to make panoramic images.  Look into the past and see how panoramic imaging has evolved since its beginnings. We look forward to meeting you. 

This will be a better season to photographically experience Rochester and the surrounding areas. Fall colors should be showing by this time.We appreciate all of our members concerns and will continue to address them as they arise.      

The Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, Sept 14th – Arrival and sign in is Wednesday the 14th from 3pm to 7pm. Those who brought panoramic photo for the print competition will turn them in at this time. 

Thursday, Sept 15th  – Visit the campus of The Rochester Institute of Technology where members can tour and photograph the campus.  Learn about the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences  https://www.rit.edu/artdesign/school-photographic-arts-and-sciences and https://www.rit.edu/study/photography-film-and-animation  Also, we are strongly encouraging our members to bring their old as well as new panoramic cameras to set up, show and spend time talking with current students about how panoramic equipment works. We would like to see a wide cross section of this equipment (film and digital). Who knows, it may be worth shooting a panoramic of this collection.  We are also in the works arranging to meet with The Photographic Historical Society (TPHS) http://www.tphs.org/ in Rochester while on the campus to exchange some history and ideas.

Friday, Sept 16th  – Involves panoramic field photography at Letchworth State Park https://parks.ny.gov/parks/79/details.aspx.  Late afternoon and evening at the hotel, will be filled by members sharing projects and techniques for improving your panoramic photos. Judging the photo contest will take place at that time.

Saturday, Sept 17th – Morning will be tour time at the George Eastman Museum of Photography. https://www.eastman.org/  showing of the mansion, galleries, gardens, and the newly constructed outdoor display wall that will show the Kodak Colorama photos collection that graced the Main Concourse of Grand Central Terminal in NYC from 1950 through 1990.  Following the museum, a trip downtown for lunch and a view of the Genesee Falls.  https://uncoveringnewyork.com/high-falls-rochester/ or  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Falls_(Rochester,_New_York) . Followed by our business meeting and announcement of photo contest winners and the Banquet.

Sunday, Sept 18th -Optional day – Finger Lakes area (winery tour, Curtis air museum, Watkins Glen area)