2016 Members Panoramic Images In and Around Charleston

PSpeaker_06A4161-71 PatriotsPoint view 20x8a 900px

Patriots Point View by Paul Speaker

This little planet from Magnolia Plantation is a worm’s eye view of the meadow in front of the main house. We were waiting out the rain in the shelter to the right of the big oak tree by Paul Speaker.

PSpeaker_04B6918-28 ShemCreek harbor-06 20x6 900px

Nancy and I returned to Shem Creek the weekend after the conference when we got a decent sunset. This was the result. 11-image stitched pano by Paul Speaker

PSpeaker_04B6595 HuntingPointLighthouse-04 10x20a 900px

The Hunting Point Lighthouse is a few miles south of the entrance to Charleston Harbor, and has been moved once already (many years ago) due to shifting shorelines. The surf is encroaching again, and unless the beach is stabilized, they’ll have to remove this tower, as well. It’s made to be disassembled in sections, so it shouldn’t be too hard, if required. Single exposure, 15mm by Paul Speaker.

magnolia_peacock1a-med 900

Peacock on display at entrance to the Magnolia Plantation by Fran Gardino