From Fran Stetina:

The new IAPP team is to be congratulated. They have taken on a mighty task of bringing the IAPP back from the brink of disintegration and have succeeded in spectacular fashion. The long awaited Panoramic Journal is well done and should go along way in attracting new members and once again Richard Schneider has out done himself with the Journal design. The Snow team has made a heroic effort to get our financial house in order. Dave Orbock has stepped into the breach and done an excellent job in guiding the efforts. As George Pearl has often mentioned meeting and seeing fellow photographers is really what IAPP is all about.

 George’s wife Claudia taking pictures at the Boulder Convention safari to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Will LandonThe article in the new edition of the Journal by Will Landon showing his Mt Saint Helens Photographic camera brought to mind seeing Will at the Photo safari of Rocky, Mountain National Park during the Boulder, Co Convention; and his many contributions to IAPP over the years. Photo 2 shows Will setting up this Camera along the high road to the Parks summit and of course his elaborate set up always draws a curious crowd.

Ron Kline’s tribute to Bill McBride was heart warming. Bill really was a nice person to know and I had a special affinity for him since my granddaughter was born deaf and has been lucky enough to benefit from the miracle if a cochlear implant, photo 3 is of my beautiful granddaughter, my favorite model.

The article by Michel Dusariez reminds me of the 3d image that IAPP published in a previous  issue of The Journal. And we can thank Michel for his many contributions to the Journal. I was especially pleased to finally meet Michel at the Boulder convention.

Dave Orbock’s Bio info reminds me of our many photo safari’s together including our trips to China, in which we had a joint photography exhibit at the Anhui County Museum and where afterward were treated to a spectacular banquet hosted by the Governor of Anhui Province. Dave and I were the first Marylanders to be part of an Artistic cultural exchange program between Baltimore and Anhui, China and we have been fortunate to have visited china many times to Photograph that interesting country.

Dave and I have a friendship going back many years to when we taught photo workshops together at his farm in Pennsylvania and Dave is responsible for introducing me to Panoramic Photography. My first panoramic Images were taken with one of Dave’s Panoramic camera.



Dave and I recently took a short trip to Chicago to visit a long term IAPP member and supporter Doug Segal and on the way to Chicago we stopped in Warren Ohio where Dave duplicated a panoramic image that was taken at the turn of the last century. During our trip to Chicago we had an opportunity to photograph in the downtown area and along the lakefront. Photo 5 is an image taken of the Millennium Park Art Sculpture  and the city skyline and Photo 6 is an image along the lake Michigan water front.

Whenever I see one of the Segal brothers, I’m reminded of my wonderful early years when I lived in Washington, D.C. and actually lived across the street from the Segals, but of coarse I wasn’t interested in them at that time since I lived in a house with 4 beautiful women and was busy chasing my soon to be wife Mary. Photo 4 is a portrait set up of Mark & Doug Photographing Jook Leung at the Leamin Tree Museum during the Boulder convention.

These and many more happy remembrances are associated with IAPP and I look forward to a long and fruitful journey for the organization.