Congratulations and Claim your prize!

Congratulations Epson winners!

In order to claim your year’s membership, follow this link:

Choose the “Free” category of Membership.

Be sure to fill out all the information concerning you! We will never, ever share this information with anyone. But it is important that we have it to fulfill our end of your membership with our organization. We have members travelling to FRANCE this summer to do panoramas in Burgundy in the vineyards and another photographic tour is scheduled for the Fall to Myranmar. Then our conference is coming up in the spring of 2013 not to mention the monthly e-Monitor newsletter with articles ranging from novice level to expert. I will get notification once you join.

Within the application, there is a section called Member History: insert this line: 2012 Epson Pano Award Winner. This will help me to find you in the database. I have to manually go in and convert your FREE membership to a EPSON PANO Winner which will TURN on the Members Only functionality for you. Once there, you can upload a portfolio of images and be listed on our FInd A Photographer.


congratulations again!!