Program Topic: Colorization of Black & white & Infrared Images

Fran Stetina
Fran Stetina self portrait

Like many older photographers, I began my formal photography training by processing B & W film and printing those beautiful full tonal range negatives into fine art prints. Eventually my home B & W darkroom became dormant and was replaced with a digital camera, computer and inkjet printer. Of course, I still longed to produce those beautiful B & W images and the opportunity came from several IAPP members along with advances in digital technology.
An IAPP B & W printing workshop conducted by Chet Hanchett at the 2005 convention in Springfield, MA and an IAPP article on infrared photography by John McCarthy were both instrumental in helping me to develop my expertise. Also, Photoshop books; participation in the Photoshop users association; and a course on Photoshop by a local instructor (Clarence Carvell) provided the tools to again produce B & W images. Eventually, I began to reminisce about my early experiments using photo dyes to hand color B & W images.The final piece of the puzzle came after my familiarization with the Adobe photoshop.

Fran’s presentation on Colorization will attempt to show how both B & W infrared and colored digital images can be manipulated and combined using Photoshop to create a new art form.