IAPP Convention Panoramic Exhibition and Contest

IAPP offers members some unique opportunities to learn about, participate in and enjoy the experience of taking and creating Panoramic Images.  This years convention will be no exception to these opportunities. There will be a workshop, photo safaris to the Smoky Mountains National Park and exhibitions of Panoramic Images. 

There will be five separate exhibits:

  1. General Exhibition open to all members
  2. 3 Special invited individual Exhibitions: Will Landon, Michael Westmoreland, Michel Dusariez 
  3. A special Exhibition highlighting unusual images/techniques
  4. A Exhibition of Panoramic Image Framing and Presentation
  5. Open Posting by convention attendees

 Members are encouraged to contact Exhibition coordinator Fran Stetina  at villagegallery@mindspring.com  or by  tel 301-464-2398 if they believe they have unique or unusual images or images that incorporate special techniques which may be of interest to other  members.

General Contest Rules 

 All  IAPP members are encouraged to show their images by participating in the Convention Panoramic Photo Contest. There are three categories;

Landscapes – this can be any subject  that emphasizes the natural or manmade landscape

Cityscapes – this can be any image that emphasizes any aspect of a city, town or village environment

Other – this  can be people, seascapes, architecture, abstracts etc.

Members may submit one image in each category.

  1. Maximum width of images – 36 inches or less, plus a 2 inch border on all sides. Prints must at least have a ratio of 2:1. 
  2. Images must not be mounted or matted and must have a 2  inch  white border on all sides; care will be taken when hanging the images; however, IAPP will not be responsible for any damage to the prints. Your name and print information must be written/attached to the back of the print. Prints not picked up after the convention will be destroyed.
  3. The contest will be judged in each category by convention attendees.
  4. The Special Invited Individual Exhibition will consist 6 – 10  images from 3 long time IAPP members that have made significant contributions to Panoramic Photography and especially to IAPP;
  5. Invitations to exhibit will be sent to Will Landon, Michael Westmoreland & Michel Dusariez.
  6. Again the special exhibition showing unusual , unique or special techniques  will be selected by the Exhibition coordinator in conjunction with the IAPP President. If you have something unusual that you would like to share with members contact Fran Stetina by email at:Villagegallery@mindspring.com
  7. IAPP President Dave Orbock will have a Special Exhibition and discussion regarding Framing and Presentation of Images
  8. Attendees may also bring images (maximum width 44 in) to show examples of their finished work. Attendees will mount their images on foam board (supplied) for display during the convention.