IAPP Panoramic Convention Print Contest Rules and Regs.


IAPP Panoramic Convention Print Contest

The following specs are recommended (and may not be exceeded, due to space limitations):

  1. For regular panos from film panoramic cameras and stitched panos from digital cameras, the maximum size is 44″ on the long side & 14″ on the short side, a 4:1 ratio. Prints must have a 2″ white border all around, so the actual maximum image area will be 40″ x 10″ on 44″ x 14″ paper. Other ratios may be used, but must be a minimum of a 2:1 ratio or greater, with the aforementioned maximums of 44″ on the long side and 14″ on the short side, including the margins.
  2. For multi-row stitched panos whose aspect ratio is greater than 1:4 (including Gigapans), Little Planet and VR style images, the maximum size is 44″ x 44″ including the obligatory 2″ white margin all around, making the final image area 40″ x 40″, maximum.
  3. Subject categories for both print sizes include: Landscape/Nature, while some manmade objects may be included, they are incidental to the primary subject, which must be predominantly of natural subjects. Cityscape/Architecture, while some natural subjects are acceptable, they are incidental to the primary subject, which must be predominantly man-made objects, including architecture. Other, whatever is a panorama, but doesn’t fit neatly in any of the previous two categories.
  4. Previously winning images will not be accepted for entry.
  5. Images must have been created within the last 3 years.
  6. The maker’s name and/or studio name shall not be visible on the front of the print.It is highly recommended that the title of the image, the maker’s name, address, and phone number be affixed to the back of the print, in the form of an address label. Makers must turn in a CD with a high resolution jpg image of their print entries at the time of registration to facilitate sharing the winning images on the IAPP website, in IAPP publications, and other uses which may be appropriate to promote the 2014 IAPP Conference and Print Competition. These images should include the title of the image and the maker’s name placed within the bottom white border. The CD label should include the maker’s information, including name, address, email address, phone number, website and permission to reproduce the images contained thereon by IAPP for non-commercial uses, as stated above*. Entrees without the CD included will be displayed but not eligible for judging.
  7. Registration: Each image will be logged in and assigned a display number. Prints will be hung on Sunday after Opening Remarks. On Wednesday morning, voting will take place and ballots will be counted,with the results announced at the evening Banquet.
  8. Ribbons will be awarded in each category and for Best of Show. Voting will be people’s choice.
  9. Prints are to remain hanging until after the Banquet, Wednesday evening, April 18, when they will be taken down & will be available for pickup after the Banquet. Ribbons will be distributed at the Banquet as the winners are announced. Any prints not picked up will be destroyed.

Because everyone will be traveling, we will not hang mounted or framed images.

*IAPP recognizes that you, the maker, retain full ownership of the copyright in each entry. IAPP wishes only to publicize the winners of this year’s contest, and to promote next year’s Print Contest.