Financial Information

2014 Financial Balance Sheet

I accordance with our IAPP Bylaws and Policy, a Financial Balance Sheet for the Association is provided to the membership for the calendar year 2014. As of the beginning of the calendar year, January 1, 2014, the Association had a balance $24,166 in three accounts; PayPal, Liberty Bell Bank Checking and Citizens Bank Money Market. At the conclusion of the year on December 31, 2014, the Association had a balance of $25,999. Some of the highlights for the year include 62 renewing and new members and 25 new members that received a free membership as Gold and Silver Award winners in the 2014 Epson Pano Competition.  The IAPP Conference (every 16 months) was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico in September and was a fun and educational experience for all attendees. We upgraded our Membership Data base with Wild Apricot and enhanced our web site with a new hosting plan optimized for Word Press. We are working towards publishing the next edition of the PANORAMA Journal in the Summer 2015. Also planning has begun for the next IAPP Conference which will be held in Charleston, SC in April of 2016.     Respectfully submitted: Tom Sheckels, Treasurer

2014 Balance Sheet