Image specs for posting here and on the MMSite

Specs for here:

Width: 920 px. Jpgs. 

If you wish to add an image to our site, please leave a comment to that effect, so I can grant you access.


specs for MMSite:

Personal Gallery: 5 megs ea image, limit of 5 images uploaded at one time.

A more detailed description will be included in the September e-Monitor.

(Personally, I would watermark them rather drastically, there is no right mouse click protection.)


2 responses to “Image specs for posting here and on the MMSite”

  1. Hello, looking for a 77mm. center filter, anyone know were I can get one new or used. Thank you, Richard

    1. iappwebmaster Avatar

      I’ve created a page for those open ended questions, comments, things you are looking for, etc on THIS PAGE. repost your question HERE. (And good luck!)

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