New Board of Directors

As many of you realize, August 10 was the deadline to receive votes against the volunteers.

Questions were raised as to the “legality” of this voting system, whether or not we could count votes against, instead of for. This was researched in the Policy Manual by the previous secretary and he found there was no statement that claimed we could not run the vote this way.

We received no votes against. So, the slate of new officers is as follows:

President – Glenn Cope

President-Elect – Paul Speaker

Secretary  – OPEN

Treasurer – Tom Sheckels

Past President – David Orbock

BOD Members (need 3)

Dave Kutz

Stephen Acai


As you can see, we need a few more members to step up.

Many things are being planned: two of which are the upcoming semi-annual Conference and the future of the Panoramic Association’s own photo contest.

If you have opinions and a little time to donate, your organization needs you. Contact your president: Glenn Cope!