Panorama Journal Returns for 2015

Many of you have asked. “Where is my Panorama Journal? It’s one of the things I am paying for in my membership”.  Well, in the past most of the articles have been written and submitted by IAPP members.  That participation seemed to drop off.  Then for a period we were on a push to put everything online for the website and “gee the costs are too high for a quarterly publication”.  So we tried the E-Monitor for several years.  A fine publication that could be downloaded and enjoyed by all members.  Alas, that too suffered the problem of not having enough written content by members and the burden placed on the editor to come up with content.  Plus statistics showed a low level of downloads.

After a number of conversations with people we would like to propose the following.  A new form of Panorama Journal that would be in printed form.  It would remain in the horizontal format at the original size of 8.5×11 and contain panoramics and little planets submitted by our membership.  It would be printed once a year and be more like a “Year in Pictures” type publication.  Something that members could have as a coffee table edition to show off to friends and other photographers as the work of the IAPP community.

We therefore invite every current member to contribute one panoramic or little planet image towards this first edition of the Panorama Journal.  Panos submitted should be at least 300 ppi and 11 inches on the long side and little planets should be at least 300 ppi and 8.5 inches square and saved as RGB98 or sRGB jpeg files at a quality setting of 10 or higher.   Please include your Name, City, State, Country, Title of Image, Image Location, and any very brief background info.

There is only one way we as a group can keep this publication alive and that is by all participating in creating it.  We ask that all images be submitted by September 30th for inclusion in the 2015 edition. Image files should be submitted as an attachment to

If you want to submit an image but haven’t decided yet which one, or don’t have it ready, please send us an email simply saying “I plan to submit an image” so we can get an early idea about the length of the Journal. Thanks.

Dave Kutz,  President  IAPP