The Fran-orama

The Fran-orama

Congratulations! You are witnessing the first ever showing of a new immersive VR photo project in a 10-foot diameter video projected 360-Degree Cyclorama with Fran Gardino’s chosen collection of over 600 panorama photos from around the world.

The main purpose of this installation is to allow the visitor to experience VR with his or her friends in a comfortable social surrounding suitable for resting while having a cup of coffee, some lunch, or listening to your own music.

The total 360-degree slideshow lasts over 2 hours with 600+ different images.  Please feel free to visit more than once, at your convenience to see the many, many places in 360-degrees.

You can visit the Fran-orama at the Valley Photo Center, 2nd Floor, Tower Square, 1500 Main Street, Springfield, MA.

For more info regarding Fran’s photo work visit:

or email him at

or call him at 617-680-0890

Fran Gardino is the current President of the International Association of Panoramic Photograpy

Outside the Fran-orama with Denise, Jason and Fran Gardino


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