2013 Photo Contest Rules & Regs announced


IAPP Panoramic Convention Print Contest

Framed or mounted images will not be shown. The following specs are recommended (and may not be exceeded, due to space limitations):

  1. For regular panos from film panoramic cameras and stitched panos from digital cameras, the maximum size is 44″ on the long side & 14″ on the short side, a 4:1 ratio. Prints must have a 2″ white border all around, so the actual maximum image area will be 40″ x 10″ on 44″ x 14″ paper. Other ratios may be used, but must be a minimum of a 2:1 ratio or greater, with the aforementioned maximums of 44″ on the long side and 14″ on the short side, including the margins.
  2. For multi-row stitched panos whose aspect ratio is greater than 1:4 (including Gigapans), Little Planet and VR style images, the maximum size is 44″ x 44″ including the obligatory 2″ white margin all around, making the final image area 40″ x 40″, maximum.

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Save the date: April 14-18

Snoqualamie Falls

Snoqualamie Falls


The 2013 Conference of the International Association of Panoramic Photographers has been set!

Contact Paul Speaker, M.Photog.Cr, CPP, IAPP Conference Chair. spkrphot@aol.com

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