New website, New wider view

Hello everyone. Welcome to the new improved website.

Last year, the Board of Directors sent out a survey to take the temperature of you all, the general membership of the organization. We found out a lot of interesting things: who you were, where you lived, how and what you photographed. That you wanted ‘definately’ a printed Journal, that you wanted an easier way of interfacing with the organization and the elected board.

The Board members who do the majority of the interacting with you are the treasurer and the secretary. If you don’t get your receipt right away, you would let her (me) know. If you don’t get your e-Monitor link or are not listed on our directory, you let the secretary know. In fact, there are several members (you know who you are) that have taken quite the active pen-pal role – sending notes, criticisms and comments to Bryan, the secretary. These notes have been very informative; while the comments were not part of the survey result, its as if we have an ongoing conversation with those members who really do care. 

It is with that ongoing conversation in mind, and the self-serve wish that the new membership management system grants, that we are proud to show off our new site. There are actually two sites: the membership management site (MMSite) & this Blog/News site.  This Blog/News site is where you should spend most of your time with us. You can read the articles, and news items – in fact, you can even comment on them, and even write a post yourself! We want to know what is going on in your photographic life. From these pages and posts, you will be able to access your Member Profile (Please keep that up to date!), drop a line in the classifieds, and even rejoin. Many of you already have logged into the backend: the MMSite to adjust your membership data, to get listed on the Find A Panoramic Photographer listing, or simply to look around. From either site: You can add photographs to your personal gallery page. (Image specs here) and you can renew or upgrade your membership. You can even add some notes in your membership talking about your history with this organization like Michel Dusariez did! (Lifetime member, 21 years!! Congrats!) These two sites run hand in hand. 

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them here in the comments. Someone on the board will answer!